Invite users to your Fusion 360 Hub


When starting out with Fusion 360 it is always a good idea to make sure that everyone is using the same Hub to collaborate the data that is going to be created and shared. The one way to make sure that this happens is to invite users to the Hub that you have created as the initial user and not have them create their own Hubs where it might be a difficult task to consolidate later on in the design or workflow process.

To invite users to your Hub you need to do the following.
Open the administrator console on the web by selecting the gear icon next to your Team name.

Select the Member and Roles Tab and select Invite.

Type or copy and paste the email addresses you would like to invite and hit Invite.

Once this is done the user needs to check their mail for an invitation from As this is an automated email you will need to check your junk/spam folder as well just in case it has been flagged.

After accepting the invite the user will have access to the Team Hub that you created and by doing it this way you will not have any issues with having to merge Hubs and consolidate data after you have started the project.

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