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A while back Autodesk made the decision that when clicking on the help button, the software would take you to the internet. One of the reasons they did this was to lessen the amount of data that needed as well as by having it in one place, it was updated instantaneously. The instant update is extremely useful as they are updating Autodesk software at the rate of knots with all the updates we are getting because of the subscription model it is being sold on.

Within the individual software packages to get to the help files you simply click on the little question mark in the top right corner and navigate to the help files and then you will open the website where those particular files are kept, but what happens if you do not have the software installed or the license has expired? You certainly cannot click on the help file button as the software is inaccessible. In this situation if you would like to read through trhe help files you can just go to where ALL the help files are kept –

Here you will find all the software help files that Autodesk provides as well as previous versions. This is really useful for when the software is not available and you just want to learn a little more because that’s just who you are. With some of the software like Inventor and 3DS Max you get a little more than just the help files. Links to videos as well as other websites are presented as additional value add.

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