Inventor 2025 – Spreadsheet and Tables


One of the so called limitations that Inventor has come under fire for in the past was only having the ability to utilise Excel when working with iparts etc. The users that were up in arms with this “limitation” is that they were moving away from Excel and using the open-source software LibreOfice.

Inventor now has the option to utilise either MS Excel or LibreOffice. To make this change one needs to go to Application Options and navigate to the General tab. On this tab you will notice a new option to either select Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice or keep it on Automatic where it will first look for MS Excel and if it can’t find that installed on your PC it will look for LibreOffice.

When creating a General Table in your 2D drawing, you are able to merge cells. This was not possible in previous releases and is a good beginning to really take advantage of the table and how it gets presented to the consumer. This is still in pre-release so some of the tools that you accustomed to will not be available eg. aligning cells after merging. If you bring in an external excel spreadsheet with merged cells it will display but you will not be able to modify it any further.

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