Inventor 2025 – Whats New Parts


Inventor 2025 has been released and with it a plethora of new features and enhancements which just keep on making Inventor better and better.

The Sheet Metal commands have been modernised with the updated property panel interface and workflows. The face, flange and cut features all take advantage of this new workflow which has all your commands present in a seamless workflow instead of having to select different tabs to get to additional functionality. In the below image, you can see that you have pull arrows available for easier manipulation of the feature that is being created/modified.

The Pattern feature has been enhanced by the inclusion of a boundary which will allow the feature or sketch element to only be included within those borders.

With the 2025 release, when using the derived part or assembly feature, you can create a bounded cylinder. This is great for getting a more accurate spacing of the simplified component that you are creating. Additionally you can mix and match the cylinder and box shapes for better simplification of your reduced detail components.

Once again Autodesk has really packed a punch with these enhancements and I cannot wait to see the additional enhancements in future dot releases of the 2025 software.

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