Inventor 2025 – What’s New


It’s that time of the year when Autodesk has released their major yearly update. Inventor 2025 has been released and it is packed once again with many user requested features.

Over the last 8 years for both big and small releases, Autodesk has prioritized performance as a key metric for it’s software. Whether it be the time it takes to create a pattern of features or parts having more advanced control over a command, Autodesk is listening to it’s users and writing it into the code.

The user interface has had a major overhaul, starting a few years ago with the introduction of the property panel interface and workflows. It is finally the time for the Sheet Metal commands to receive this modernised treatment. I have tested it and it is a real pleasure to work with.

If you work in both the Manufacturing and Build environments you are in for a real treat. Inventor introduced Revit Interoperability into the workflow to better handle files between Inventor and Revit. Previously you were only able to only work with the same version of Revit and Inventor, now you are able to work all the way back to Revit 2023. If you are heavily invested into IFC file creation, Inventor 2025 now supports the import and reading of data from an IFC file.

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