What’s New In Inventor 2024

A new version and new features to boot. Inventor 2024 has once again added some enhancements to it’s latest big release. Below are a few ones that I think are great.

Inventor 2024 Enhancements

Part Modelling Enhancements
I have been waiting for this one for quite a while and I know that many Inventor users have too. Inventor now allows you the ability to export out not only the numeric user parameter but now includes the text and boolean user parameter as well

Oriented minimum bounding box option
Inventor shrinkwrap/simplification is now able to show you the bounding box in the orientation that your original part is in

New Finish Feature
This is my favourite new feature. This allows the user to add additional information like manufacturing processes that have been applied to the part. If you need to apply material coatings, heat treatments surface textures or even paint colour, you are able to do that and then get out the amount of paint you might need to use. Great product for your BOM’s further down the process chain. This feature is also supported to be used in Model States

Drawing enhancements
Revision clouds no longer need to be loaded in from the SDK. They have become a permanent feature of Inventor . Think of SDK as the express tools of AutoCAD for Inventor. They have now graduated that tool into Imventor.

Tube and Pipe
Tube and Pipe, which received no love until recently has also had some additonal features included. This one is the ability to add a custom angled elbow. Until now you could only add 45 or 90 deg elbows to a rigid pipe.

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