What’s New Inventor 2024.2 – Part Enhancements


Inventor 2024.2 has just been released and with it some enhancements have been included that will aid in your workflows. If you have not updated your Inventor to either 2024.1 or 2024.2 I would highly suggest installing as these enhancements really benefit the day to day usage of your Inventor software.

Sheet Metal Enhancements
When working with CAD models there might come a situation where you need to export or convert that part or assembly into another format for the downstream processes like manufacturing the part. The software that runs a bending machine might need either a DXF or a STEP file. In the 2024.2 release Inventor now allows you to export your flat pattern as a STEP file. This is the same workflow that you would use to export out the face as a DXF. Right click on the Flat Pattern feature in the browser and then select save copy as and choose your save as type file to be STEP format.

Coil Enhancement
When creating a coil you need to create a sketch that represents the profile that is going to be driven around a centre line. This centre line will also need to be created in the same sketch as the profile. Previously the sketch would be consumed and become invisible and if you were to beable to use that sketch profile in a another feature operation you would then have to right click on the sketch and make visible or share the sketch. but in the 2024.2 release you have the option to keep the sketch visible without having to perform as many steps as previous.

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