What’s New Inventor 2024.2 – Sketch Environment


Inventor 2024.2 has been released and with it a whole bunch of new features and enhancements are available for your usage.

Sketch enhancements – Inventor Ideas Submission
Driven dimensions can now be utilised by copying and pasted into general dimension value fields.

Project Dimension enhancements – Inventor Ideas Submission
Turning projected geometry into construction geometry has always been a lengthy process. With this enhancement it is as simple as holding down the shift key as you select the geometry to project a construction line. This enhancement works for both 2D and 3D sketches.

Sketch Blocks – Inventor Ideas Submission
When quickly scanning an Inventor block it has not been very easy to see the description on why the block was created or what the function is supposed to be. With Inventor 2024.2 you are able to pause your cursor on the block name and a description will pop up as a quick note. This note will also have the amount of instances of that sketch block that is being used. The description and amount of instances will also pop up when you are in the assembly environment and you pause you cursor over the block name.

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