5 Technology Innovations Can Help Your Architecture Practice Work Smarter


5 Technology Innovations Can Help Your Architecture Practice Work Smarter

1. Big Data: Your Early Warning System

At any one time, Perkins+Will is managing more than 700 active projects, each of which can be mined for information to help architects work more effectively and efficiently.

2. Social VR: Learning From Multiplayer Gaming

“The typical [VR] scenario is one person using VR and a room full of other people watching on a big screen,” says Iffat Mai, firmwide development manager at Perkins+Will. But because seeing is different than experiencing, those watching the VR experience secondhand are disconnected from their colleague who’s immersed in it. “Having project team members in the same space, looking at the same thing, is a lot more productive.”

3. Mixed Reality: Ditch the Drawings for a Headset

While VR is a great way to explore a space that hasn’t yet been built, mixed reality (MR) is an ideal way to explore a space that has.

4. Augmented Reality: Pocket Model Displays on Your Smartphone

To achieve the same effect with exteriors that MR facilitates with interiors, consider augmented reality (AR), which uses mobile devices instead of headsets to superimpose virtual objects on physical spaces.

5. Generative Design: Using AI for Greater Freedom

Technology isn’t just giving architects new ways to experience designs; it’s also offering new ways to create them, according to Perkins+Will—which is also experimenting with generative design.

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