#WhatsNewWednesday | Lumion | Beautiful Renders Within Reach



From concept to final design stage, #BridgeTheGap with Lumion 9 and stun your clients with realistic visuals of your final project in the finest detail!

As an architect, you have a vision of what your final design will look like. How do you bridge that gap for your client? With Lumion it’s easy. Import files from your modeling program and start rendering. If you need to make changes to the model throughout the process, no problem. Anyone can bring their vision to life in minutes with Lumion’s extensive library of textures and objects.

Lumion brings beautiful renders within reach.

Design it live: How Lumion 9 and Rhino 6 take real-time rendering to new heights

LiveSync is one of Lumion’s most popular and celebrated features. Now, in Lumion 9, Rhino users can also take advantage of simultaneous modeling and rendering, seeing their designs in the context of Lumion’s stunning, real-world editor.

Architecture is anything but a linear process.

It’s pretty rare that an architect will sketch a design, build a 3D model, render some images and get the client, all in that specific order. More likely, the architect will sketch, start building a 3D model, discover some problems in the model, return to sketching, try a few renderings, go back to the model, render some more, get feedback from client, iterate the model again, create some more renderings, present to the client, etc.

Now, with LiveSync for Rhino available in Lumion 9, all Rhino users can bring modeling and rendering into the same screen space, providing a clear, real-time view of your design in the context of the real world.

Activate the LiveSync for Rhino plugin and you can instantly heighten your workflow efficiency when adapting the design. Moreover, you’ll be able to make more informed design decisions during internal reviews, and you’ll be delivering impressive, polished client presentations in no time.

In this blog post, we’ll go through the basics of LiveSync for Rhino, from showing you how to download and install the plugin, to providing some camera and usage tips. Let’s dig in!

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