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Probar 2D is Prokon’s rebar detailing extension for AutoCAD. The module’s functionality is not limited to rebar detailing. It has a set of very useful functions over and above those mentioned. These functions can be categorized under Prokon Tools. These tools are covered in Prokon Probar 2D: Epic Wizards & Useful Tools

The tool relevant to this blog is the Prosec tool. This tool transfers a polyline in AutoCAD to the Prosec model, generating all of the code necessary for creating the profile.

This greatly simplifies the process of creating profiles in Prosec, especially those with complicated geometric shapes. It is also extremely simple to create a profile in AutoCAD with all of the tools at your disposal.

For example: A Z-Channel is a complicated profile to create in Prosec, especially considering all of the bends. To create this profile in Prosec will take a large amount of time and can prove frustrating. With the Prosec Prokon Tool this whole process is made significantly more efficient. What is very important is to convert the profile to a continuous polyline. This can be with another Prokon Tool – Polyconvert.

The profile is generated with all of its’ inputs. From here you can evaluate the output and export the member to the Sections Database. Padds also allows for a similar workflow, with the only difference being that in Padds, the profile does not need to be converted to a polyline.

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