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When working in Inventor, you might want to get a better render than what is possible with Inventor Studio. If you are subscribed to the Product Design and Manufacturing Collection then you can utilise 3DS Max with its Arnold render engine to output great renders.

One of the questions I get is how to create a scene quickly and easily that gives an immediate but effective environmental light in your scene without having to place too many lights in your scene.

First import your Inventor model and create a ground plane for shadows.

Once this is done you can create a render without lights. As you can see with Arnold set as the default render you at least get a picture. I know with some other render engines you will not see anything.

Now we render with point lights. As soon as a light is created, the default lighting gets switched off and you will light the scene with your inserted lights. Looks nice for a candlelit scene but you need more definition of your objects.

If we turn the lights off you will see nothing as both the lights you created and the default lights when you created the scene are now off.

To crate an all encompassing environment light you can use the Skydome light. This lights up everything like your default lights in the beginning but you have control over the light.

The background was black but when you turn on the Light Shape Visible on the shape rendering tab, it turns it into the colour or filter colour you have applied.

In the below image my plane is red and the colour of my skydome is white.

If you would like everything to be white, then select the plane and in the modify panel change the colour to white.

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