AutoCAD 2022 Graphics and Performance update

In the AutoCAD 2022 release,

There are a few interesting one and are useful in their own rights, such as Trace, Count and a few more,

Though the one that I was personally very interested in,

Were the updates done on the 3D graphics system and multi-core CPU support.

This is a major step forward not just for AutoCAD, but all the toolsets that lever the power of AutoCAD as a base,

Though it currently has a few limits due to still being in development,

(Just please bear in mind that this I  preview of what is to come)

At the current time, the new graphics system does not support the following:

  • Raster Image
  • True Type font/text (need to use a .shx text)
  • Wide Line (Altered/displayed line weight)
  • Ray or Xline
  • Line type
  • The selection types, Lasso and Fence.
  • The Block Editor
  • Selection and display of line sub entity for 3D objects
  • Previews will not be available if saved with Shaded view active.
  • Paper space shaded view, still uses the older graphic system.

If these are not any issue for you or you want to look at the new system and how it preforms.

Just open a drawing in AutoCAD,

(This is shown using Dynamic input on, you can also do this through the command bar)


Type in the command 3DTECHPREVIEW hit Enter to accept,






Change the value from OFF to ON, by typing ON and hit Enter to accept.





Close and relaunch AutoCAD.

When you open a drawing and switch to shaded view,

You will notice it now shows Shaded (GSF)



Apart from a performance increase, there is also a change in display,

Some being that object section being magenta and grips black.

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