AutoCAD 3D – Solid editing Tab – Part 4 – Extract Edges, Imprint, Color Edges


In this blog we look at the next tool in the Solid Editing Tab,

Extract Edges,




This gives us the ability to automatically draw lines around our 3d model,

To use it is very simple,

Start the Select the Extract Edges command and then select the solid you wish to use,

You will notice the edges seem to darken,

If you hide or delete the original solid,

You can see the lines left behind.





























Next, we have Imprint,

It can be found, by default, under the drop down next to Extract Edges,







This is an interesting tool as we can superimpose a line or polyline,

Onto a face of a 3D solid,

This can be useful when wanting to include more detail on a solid, but not add anymore geometry or create a feature we can use Presspull on.


When we select the command,

Select the 3D solid as per the prompt,

Then select the line or object to imprint,

Lastly you can choose to keep or delete the object you used to create the imprint, using Y or N.

You can now use the imprinted are to do things like Presspull.















































Next on our list is Color Edges,

It is also found, by default, under the drop down next to Extract Edges,







It is quite a straightforward command,

When you click the command,

Select the lines you wish to change,

After that, the color menu opens, select the color you want, then click OK,

The edges should be recolored, select, or click Escape twice to return.