AutoCAD Layer Translator


Having a layer standard in AutoCAD is important. Layer names are also important. So what do we do if the Layer name is not to our correct standard?

We can manually modify each one, making sure the correct name is there and also making sure that correct colour and line weight and line type has been set on that layer.

Now this can be a lot of work so what else does AutoCAD offer to assist us for this tedious job. The AutoCAD layer translator.

This tool is found under the Manage tab in the CAD standard panel.

The Layer translator allows you to quickly and easily map the layer that you are bringing in from an outside source and then give ti all the properties that you are accustomed to in your layers.

In the Layer Translator dialog box you will select one of the existing layers of the drawing that you received from the outside source and in the Translate to you will select a drawing or template that you have and select which layer you would like to map to.

Once this is done you will be able to check the old and new mappings at the bottom of te dialog box. Once you are happy you can select the translate button and all your layers will be mapped accordingly.

If you are having to map layers frequently from a specific outside source, you are able to save the mapping configuration and when the need arises, load it into the layer translator and map and translate instantly.

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