AutoCAD parametric overview


One of the major differences between AutoCAD and other programs is normally said to be that AutoCAD is Not parametric,


This is not exactly true…

As some of you whom have used AutoCAD Dynamic blocks may have guessed,

you can use constraints to control how a block deforms.


What a lot of people don’t know is that these same systems are available in normal AutoCAD.

If you look on the Ribbon, Parametric Tab.

You can see the Geometric Panel, Dimensional Panel and Manage Panel.

Geometric allows us to constrain and restrict the drawing geometry.


  1. locking Endpoints to objects: Coincident Constraint
  2. Lock lines on the together on the same angle and trajectory : Collinear
  3. Fix circle centres: Concentric
  4. Locking points in space: Fix Constraint

  1. Lock lines on the together on the same angle and offset from each other: Parallel
  2. Lock a line 90° to another: Perpendicular
  3. Force a line Horizontal: Horizontal
  4. Force a line Vertical: Vertical

  1. Make a line Tangent to a circle or arc: Tangent
  2. Smooth a Curve: Smooth
  3. Create a Symmetric/Mirrored relationship between objects: Symmetric
  4. Makes two lines Equal to each other: Equal

And to help lock up the geometry further,

There is then the Dimensional Constraints,

These work like dimensions that allow you to change the values,

This allow you to modify the geometry and when used with geometric constraints,

you can predict how changes will affect your drawing.

You can even reference other dimensions and create equations.

Lastly you have the Parameters Manager,

This is where you can view your dimensional parameters,

Or even create user parameters and references to them.