AutoCAD Plant 3D and AutoCAD P&ID


When you purchase the AutoCAD with Industry Toolsets software, you receive AutoCAD Plant 3D as one of the software packages. This software allows you to create 3D piping routes with your valves, tees and bends as well as the equipment (tanks, pumps) that the pipes get routed to and from. Included in the features, you can also create your structural elements like beams and columns and on top of that you can create ladders with a cage and railing for your platforms as well as kick plates. Not bad for an AutoCAD extension!

The equipment can be created directly from within AutoCAD Plant but if you manufacture as well and use Inventor, your models can be exported and then utilised in the Plant 3D software. One of the features inside AutoCAD Plant 3D is that you are able to run piping automatically from the Inventor model. It will automatically add your nozzles and gaskets and bolts according to ow you have set your spec up.

The structural portion of AutoCAD Plant 3D is able to interact with Advance steel. This helps when creating placeholder structural elements in AutoCAD Plant 3D to see how the piping needs to be placed and then fleshing it out with some detailed drawings with all your connections properly laid out in Advance Steel.

If you create P&ID’s as well, AutoCAD Plant 3D is able to check the differences between what you have created in 2D and 3D and then give an indication of missing components from what has been specified in a particular run.

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