AutoCAD Plant 3D objects as AutoCAD solids


AutoCAD Plant 3D is a great software package with a great amount of data built straight into the objects that you create. It knows that a pipe is a pipe and if you insert a valve how it reacts between these two objects. The structural elements it produces know that a beam is a beam and a column is a column. If a ladder is built the software knows what goes into that ladder and if a cage is included where it should be positioned The kick plate it produces also knows that if it should be on the outside or the inside of the fence running around the platform This is a nice feature which will produce the different outputs depending if you are clicking the points that represent the border in a clockwise or anti clockwise fashion.

This is all well and good if you are entirely in the AutoCAD Plant 3D environment but what happens if you interact with other stake holders. The objects created by AutoCAD Plant are not AutoCAD solids which can just be opened by any AutoCAD package. They are representations of the objects you are inserting with data attached/embedded in them. You will need object enablers which are freely downloadable on the Autodesk website.

If you have completed the design and now need to have the objects visible in AutoCAD and be able to modify it, you are able o export the objects out as AutoCAD solids. This will create a new DWG and is activated with the command “exporttoautocad”. You will now be able to interact with you plant 3D objects as separate 3D objects in normal AutoCAD

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