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Working in projects can be fun. I mean why did we ever get into the design environment. We enjoy it. It exercises our minds and allows us to be creative. This is great but with every project there is also another task that is not so fun and will be in every project that you work on. Changes.

These changes can come because of the client changing their mind, environmental factors or maybe even time issues where you might be caught not finishing and then having to forfeit a chunk of the money in penalties.

AutoCAD is one of the best 2D drafting packages in the world but is not known for being able to automate design workflows. This is not true as there are many hidden commands that AutoCAD has which help with exactly the thing you do not particularly enjoy which is the change we are talking about.

The command that I am talking about does not have a visible button but is accessible by typing in rename.

On the left is a list of all the named objects that you are able to take and rename on the fly while the drawing is open. On the right hand side you have a list of the object names. By clicking on the Item name you will be able to fill in where it asks you to Rename To. Click on the Rename To button and you have renamed the object item to your preferred name.

This is just another gem in AutoCAD’s arsenal that allows you to get through your work quickly and efficiently.

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