AutoCAD Sheet sets


Putting together a drawing pack can be a lot of work. From having to find the layouts that you have created on the individual drawings you created as well as having tocretae new drawings on the fly when you extra material is needed to finish off the dataset.

AutoCAD sheet sets takes away a lot of this manual labour of trying to find the view you are looking for and then trying to put it all on the same template with title block and border to even having to change info which might be common across all the sheets that you are prepping.

Sheet sets also allows you to have a convenient sheet list as your cover page.

To create a sheet set you can click on new and just below drawing you will see sheet set. This will take you through a wizard where you can specify either a template to work off or you can select folders where you will then pick and choose which sheets (layouts) you would like to use.

When working with sheet sets you can control the data that you display through fields which are mapped to properties that you find in the sheet set properties. These properties can either be common through all the sheets that you are working on or you can have properties that are only for individual sheets.

Once you have put your pack together, sheet sets will allow you to quickly and conveniently batch plot everything to either DWF, DWFx or PDF, making the process of gathering and then delivering the pack easy and painless.

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