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Why AutoCAD Why!? Why do I have Unreconciled layers and how do i reconcile them?

Lets take a look firstly at what exactly unreconciled layers are. When working in AutoCAD and your own templates, you will create standards, be it for text, or dimensions or tables. The same goes for layers.

When creating your layers you ideally want a standard that everyone in the company will comply with. The same colours, line types, line weights and very important a common naming convention. This naming of the layers will allow you to quickly identify what is being represented on your drawing.

One of the mechanisms that AutoCAD helps us to make sure that everything is in order is a pop up, which you have probably seen, stating that there are unreconciled layers. This pop up is generally seen after you have copied objects or inserted an xref into your drawing. The reason that the layers are unreconciled is that it does not conform to your naming standard and colours etc. It is basically not part of your template and AutoCAD sees i as being a bit alien.

Now to reconcile it we first have to find the layers. If you have many layers in your drawing it might be a bit of a task scrolling up and down to find these layers but AutoCAD makes it quite simple. Once these layers are copied into AutoCAD and identified as unreconciled, a layer group is automatically created in your layer manager.

Navigating to these layers, if you are happy with them, to reconcile you will select the layer and on the right click menu select reconcile.

Alternatively you can stop the notifications if you are not worried about a layer being reconciled or not. Go to your layer setting and turn it off as in the below image.

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