Autodesk Inventor 2023 – Bill of Material Options


When working in Autodesk Inventor and assemblies, you would sometime in the design have to present different options or configurations to the client. This would lead to either some components getting removed from the design but what does that do to your Bill of Materials?

When working with these different configurations you would suppress different components and sub-assemblies to get the correct assembly out. You wold not delete the components or sub-assemblies as this would lead to complications if you need a configuration or option that included those parts or sub-assemblies.

The issue that arises in previous versions of Autodesk Inventor is with your Bill of Materials. When you suppressed the components in your main assembly and you had a look at your Bill of Materials, it would show the components you suppressed but with a value of 0. Now this is not ideal as you you would then have to go and manipulate the data to not have to waste someone elses time having top sift through the design. This would be extremely frustrating especially for someone who does not know the design intrinsically and all they wanted to do was take that information and do their job.

Autodesk Inventor 2023 has added the functionality to not have the offending row visible. This is available in a new Bill of Materials settings option located in the top right corner of your Bill of Material dialog box.

Once you activate the Hide suppressed components in BOM option Autodesk Inventor will hide all your suppressed components.

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