Autodesk License Compliance – Regular Self Audits


Autodesk has embarked on a license compliance drive and increased their activity with regards to contacting their clients directly and asking them to do software audits.

I have been asked by many of my clients, is this legitimate, when they receive an email asking them to do a self audit. My answer to the question is – it is legitimate and you need to follow their instructions. If you have read the EULA and followed it to the letter or conversed with your reseller and followed their suggestions, then you should be safe.

Now no system is 100 percent but with some guidelines you should be able to keep your office and software safe from becoming non compliant. One of the activities that you could do is regular self audits. This helps as you might have some wayward employees who like to test and experiment with new software and in this day and age, getting a key for the software through illegitimate means is pretty easy for some people. If they activate the software with an illegal key and you are the owner of said computer, you are liable for any fines or purchases that might occur with this non-compliant software.

Another way to check with the regular self audit is to see how many computers the software is installed on vs how many licenses you have purchased. If you have bought 5 licenses and the software is installed on 10 machines this is a very likely sign that there is a bit of non-compliancy in your office.

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