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With all software that is purchased today, when working with Autodesk software you need to be aware of the updates and hot fixes that get released. These help with bug fixes as well as introduce new functionality to the sofwtare. You really want to install this new functionality as you are paying for it with the new subscription model that Autodesk introduced a few years back.

No more big updates once a year, you get a lot of tools more frequently and there are some nifty tools which really help with day to day activities.

One of the updates that is only available in the Autodesk Vault thin Client and Vault Professional 2022 is the ability to print. This printing ability allows non users of the CAD side to view and print drawings as well as see all the properties that reside in the models and because it is read only they cannot change anything and so your drawings remain safe from accidental modification.

With AutoCAD updates, as they are part of the specialization toolset, you have a more complicated (if I can call it that) update path that needs to be taken. Firstly remember that the toolset you get, mechanical, MEP etc is built on top of AutoCAD. So you can think of it as an add on.

So when looking for updates remember that you need to do the vanilla AutoCAD update and then the specialised toolset update as well. This will update AutoCAD and any features that have been included on a base level and then you will update the toolset (Mechanical, MEP etc) and that will update your software with its updated features.

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