Autodesk Vault Duplicate checked out files


When you start off with the Autodesk vault software you might have begun with a huge data dump of files that you have accumulated over the years. Files from many different designers that have worked at your company and without any data management software to control what they were doing you will probably find that you have many duplicate files. These duplicate files could be either have the same name or the same geometry.

Once this data was initially put into the Autodesk Vault you probably swore to yourself that you would clean it up immediately but that immediately would turn into a week and then that would turn into a few months and then you find yourself five years down the road and your Vault is worse for wear as even more duplicate have been created. How do we fix this?

It might it seem like a difficult task so how do we do this and where do we start? The first task that can be accomplished to clean the Vault up is to run the find duplicate names. This is found in your Vault setting under the file tab.

From this list of duplicate file names you can export the list to oneof the following and start to slowly tackle the duplicates in the Vault eitehr manually or writing some code in Powershell which will assist with this.

The other option if the duplicate is geometry based is to use the duplicates dashboard and then sort out your vault that way. This is only available in Vault professional so if you have Vault Workgroup or Basic then this will not be an option unless you upgrade to the Professional Vault.

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