Autodesk Vault vs Upchain


With the last 2 years seeing companies move from an office to an at home work environment , the question has arisen on how to manage your CAD data which has traditionally been located behind a firewall in a physical office. This has been where a VPN is created to access that data on the server at the office but at a compromise of speed. VPN’s are also prone to going down and many an hour being wasted trying got get it back up and running.

One of the solutions that we have come up with is to have a server being hosted in the cloud and running your Autodesk Vault install from there. This will work for Vault Basic, Workgroup and Professional. The second solution is the Upchain cloud technology that Autodesk acquired in 2021. This software allows you to accelerate product development data and processes in the cloud.

Upchain would compete more with Vault Professional but how s it different when being run from the cloud.

If we look at how we would run Autodesk Vault from a cloud server, you would get a hosted server from someone like AWS and then install your windows server software on it and then setup the VPN and start processing your data. The costs involved with this would be numerous. The monthly fee for hosting the server plus the amount of data that is being hosted on that server as well as the cost of each license that you would have to purchase for each use that would be interacting with the Vault and Inventor.

With Upchain it is just the cost of the license that you would have to consider. Having an internet connection will allow you to gain access without having to go through a VPN and this makes the challenge of accessing your data initially not as great as when hosting your Vault server on a cloud platform.

When deciding which way to go, you have to consider the additional costs of the host cloud server as well as the Vault license vs the Upchain license alon. With this in mind, they are both great technologies and you need to do a proper analysis of how your business runs with it’s workflows before deciding which route is the best for you.

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