Fusion 360 – What is it?


If you are a designer that has worked in Inventor you might think that Fusion is exactly like Inventor. The Line command looks the same and behaves the same, especially when it comes to being able to create both a line and an arc but when you get into the meat and bones of it you will start to see a difference. The arc that you create can only be tangential to the line and not be an inverted tangent. (going back into itself).

This behaviour is Fusion 360. It was created by Autodesk to be like other Autodesk products but not exactly. From what I have learnt coming from an Inventor and AutoCAD background is that it borrows from them and then makes the functionality it’s own. It also has created new technology and made it unique to Fusion 360 with AutoCAD and Inventor not getting a share of the new functionality.(Generative design). There is a way of sharing the technology with Inventor but it is disjointed when it comes to sharing with AutoCAD.

When I started lecturing on Fusion 360 i started to see the similarity and was quickly able to pick it up which is a great feature of Autodesk products as you are able to quickly get into any one of their Design software with relative ease. Noting this you should be aware that you need to shift your mindset slightly to take full advantage of Fusion 360 as if you think in AutoCAD or Inventor you will make mistakes and not be able to exploit the software to it’s fullest capabilities.

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