Fusion 360 – What’s New – Product Design Extension


Fusion 360 is a great software package in it’s base form but with the introduction of extensions it really has taken off and lit the CAD and CAM world alight. The model of SaaS really works as the developers are pushing out features fast and furious which makes the fact that you have to pay every year a lot more bearable as you can see the value you are getting for your hard earned money.

The Product design extension includes many tools that you would use in the creation of plastic parts. It has included anew Rest command in which you can now very easily create a flat face on a curved surface and be able to manipulate draft type angles as well. There are also snap fit improvements for placing snap fit items on your design. These improvements increase the speed it takes to create these features and we all know that increasing speed and getting models out faster makes for a much happier boss.

A new feature which I came cross in this release is not a new feature but an improved one. It is the Volumetric Lattice tool which allows you to create really awesome designs as a lattice. The new feature allows you to select an object or shape you have designed and use that as the lattice structure. Might not be practical to design but a lot of fun when messing around with the software to see what it can produce.

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