Inventor Model Based Definition


When you design and manufacture components communicating to the manufacturing department is key in a successful roll out of your product. If the communication via a drawing is haphazard and the colleague making the design has to keep on running up to the design department to double check measurements etc then the process is prolonged and timelines will not be met.

Inventor introduced Model-Based Definition (MDB) a few releases ago to help with the seamless communication between a 3D model that has been create and the information that gets sent to the manufacturing team.

How does this help you may ask? Machines have become more intelligent in accepting information from 3D parts directly. This is helped by the Internet of Things (IoT) where the machine manufacturing the component can create the machining code or print out the part directly from the 3D part.

Traditionally you would have design houses and they would send the part to a company that was solely doing the manufacturing. Because of the instruction to make the component being separate to the model or drawing of the part, some instruction would get lost in translation or in the presentation of the drawing.

With Autodesk Inventor integrating MDB directly into their models this instruction is now tightly integrated into the 3D model and there is less likely a chance that the part is manufactured incorrectly.

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