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Autodesk has over 100 different software offerings and if you have to purchase more than 1 of them for use in your company, Autodesk also offers the software bundled with a massive discount. Before the Collections were introduced, they had a myriad of design suites which they offered in 3 different tiers. These suites of software would each tackle separate industries, mainly manufacturing, build, infrastructure and the media and entertainment.

After being introduced, software was inserted and removed on the different levels of the suites so it was not an easy task picking the right one. Recently Autodesk streamlined their offering of software bundles to just 3 options. These are the Product, Design and Manufacturing Collections, the Architecture,Engineering and Construction Collections and the Media and Entertainment Collections.

Some software is shared between 2 or even all of the Collections as Autodesk has identified that it would be useful for all these industries. Recap Photo which is included with Recap Pro is one of these and is a very useful tool especially now that we have drone technology which allows you to take pictures of the landscape you are surveying. These pictures are not very useful by themselves, but stitched together they can map out the terrain that the drone was scoping out.

Here is where Recap Photo comes into its own. Using the power of the Cloud, you are able to upload your photos and then stitch it together to create either a point cloud or a mesh which will accurately map out the highs and lows of the terrain as well as colour depiction of what you are seeing. So if you are looking at creating Photogrammetry, you can purchase a Collections and start creating.

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