Setting up Large AutoCAD Plant 3D projects


When creating a project for multiple users, one needs to take into account where those users are situated.  Last year that answer would be very simple, they are all situated in one office or maybe multiple offices.  These days you can really multiply the number of those locations because most of the world is in lockdown and working from home because of the virus.

Project creation still has some similarities like the use of either SQL Lite for working with 1 – 2 users or when creating projects that will be accessed by more that that, Autodesk strongly recommends the use of Microsoft SQL Express or Full.  The express version is free so no additional cost will be burdened on your finance department.

You will also have to make sure that the files being worked on are saved in a location that is accessible for everyone and that would be done through the use of a VPN.

Because the work is being taken place over so many locations an additional measure might be required to manage the projects.  Here I would like to introduce Autodesk Vault or BIM 360.  Now you might have heard of the Vault being used for Inventor, but AutoCAD Plant?  It does and it manages it very efficiently.

BIM 360 is a package from Autodesk that is designed for remote work and is being used very efficiently in the Architectural space.  This has also been very useful with the advent of working from home and helps in staying in touch with both the projects you are working with and your team.