Top New Features in AutoCAD 2022

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Its that time of the year again and the 2022 versions of the Autodesk products are out.

I my opinion, AutoCAD and its toolsets have some of the best updates,

AutoCAD 2022 has the following updates



When using the web and mobile apps,

it creates a sketchable transparent overlay onto your drawing,

so you can add revision notes and details, without changing anything on the actual drawing.
















Ever have the issue where you must count all of a certain item in a drawing?

Maybe for a Bill of Materials or some other list,

The new count feature, with its utilities make this easy,

You can even tie it into fields to automate certain parts of your drawing.






















Send out a copy of a drawing, quick and easy using the new Share tool

This creates a link you can give out and share for only viewing or editing/copying in the AutoCAD web app.




















Push to Autodesk Docs

As more people are moving to the cloud platform BIM 360,

AutoCAD has brought in the ability to push any chosen sheet layouts, directly into a BIM project of your choice.




















Floating windows

One of my favorite additions is the ability to drag a tab off as a floating window,

You can now have the view docked to a side, free floating or my favorite, on another monitor,

Finally true multi-monitor support 😀




















Performance enhancements

There have also been some major enhancements to the plotting and 3D graphics,

If you use anything with an AutoCAD 3D component,

I would highly recommend checking out the 3DTECHPREVIEW command to see the new graphics in action.