What’s New AutoCAD Plant 3D

AutoCAD 2023 has added a few new features which in turn is pushed up to the AutoCAD with Toolsets software. Saying that the Toolsets of AutoCAD also get their own upgraded features which are specific to that software.

In AutoCAD Plant 3D they have now included the ability to create single line orthos. I think this is great as traditionally when creating piping or P&ID’s you are more in tune with lones and not the 2D representation of the pipe. Yo uwill notice you have a new option for single line display on the ribbon.

The second new feature in AutoCAD Plant 3D has us looking at a redesign for our annotation setup. They have a cleaner more modern look when selecting what you want to have presented in your isometric drawing.

In your project settings you can now calculate properties for both your P&ID as well as Plant 3D equipment and piping. You are able to now concatenate multiple properties by using expressions. This allows for more complex or robust custom properties for your different components.

Importing information has become more robust and intuitive. AutoCAD Plant 3D will now display multiple windows so that it is easier to check which drawings will be modified as well as if the data update was successful or not. After the import operation is complete you have the additional log file which is created for a double check to see that all your affairs are in order.

If you are using a combination of the Autodesk BIM projects as well as Autodesk Vault data management software, you might find that trying to find a project is a bit time consuming. AutoCAD Plant 3D now has the capability to filter through your projects to find what you are looking for much quicker.

Looking at these new features you can see that upgrading is always a good idea as Autodesk adds functionality specific to the software and your needs.

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