Whats new Autodesk Vault 2023 – No more VPN


Working with Autodesk Vault is great as it gives you the control and security for both CAD and other data that might be involved with your project. This is true for working behind your firewall but what happens when you want to work at home or on the road and the Vault server is sitting in the office behind your firewall.

The process for working through your company firewall would be to create a VPN and then work through that to ensure privacy to your data on your server. So for Autodesk Vault 2022 and before you would have to create a VPN, use login and then be able to access the data. This might also lead to speed issues but that would be the sacrifice for working out of the office.

Now that Autodesk Vault 2023 has been introduced there is a very welcome new feature that has been included. The ability to work with Vault data without the use of a VPN. How is this possible yo might ask.

With the use of Vault Gateway technology you are able to securely connect your remote devices to Vault servers through a cloud service (Forge). The Vault Gateway service will generate a URL that is used intead of the Vault server IP or name when logging in. The cloud service interfaces with the vault server, exchanging data between the client and server in real time.

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