What’s New Fusion 360 – Speed and Lofted Flange


Fusion 360 has a wonderful track record when it comes to updates. The Fusion 360 team is very pro-active when it comes to user driven requests and it shows. I literally see updates every 2 to 3 months but this month they have included updates that would generally come from the major release you normally get from traditional software.

Looking at the whats new it warns you in the beginning of the article that it is going to be a 33 minute read! Thisrelease is all about QoL (quality of life – Autodesk’s word’s not mine).

They have improved the software with a ton of new features and fixed those annoying bugs. Another “feature” is speed. Theybounced metrics around like 2.7 – 7.6 x faster to 300x faster for some ofthe functionality that is already present in the software. (that is a huge improvement)

One of the features that I am very interested in and have kept an eye out for is the sheet metal environment. I have always been fascinated with the way that it works (with Inventor as my benchmark). In this new release they have included Lofted Flange! Inventor took forever to introduce this functionality and Fusion 360 has brought it through onto their platform in lightning speed compared to when Sheet Metal was introduced.

Fusion 360 really is coming along through leaps and bounds and I am very excited to see what transpires as tit grows from strength to strength.

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