What’s New Inventor 2023 – Data Exchange


When working in Inventor you will find yourself having to work with geometry from other CAD systems either from within the Autodesk stable or from outside the Autodesk stable.

Inventor 2023 has improved the process with Fusion 360 even more by including a export function for more processes from directly inside Inventor 2023. Previously it was just to get the model into Fusion to create pathways for machining purposes.

When opening a part or assembly file you will have noticed a dedicated Fusion 360 tab and when selecting that you will notice a plethora of new options to export to.

As you can see we have few options in the above image, mainly under the Generative Design, Simulation, Manufacture and Design. You might think that this was always possible but when selecting these functions it will take you directly to Fusion 360 AND also activate the correct environment in which you would like to work in.

Another enhancement is that it will export the entire assembly or if you do not need the entire assembly, just the components that are important to your further work in Fusion 360.

One thing to keep in mind when utilising this workflow is to have Fusion Teams setup. This involves setting up a project as well within the Fusion Teams. Once the parts and assembly have been uploaded into the project, yo can access it either through Fusion Teams via the internet or Fusion 360 via the Fusion 360 app.

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