What’s New Inventor 2023 – Sheet Metal


Autodesk Inventor 2023 has enhanced the sheet metal offering by including some exciting new features to better control how your model is created and output options.

The feature you will immediately see (as there is a new button on the ribbon!) is the mark feature. Now what does this do?

The Mark feature allows you to add laser marking, etching, and engraving features to faces through the use of text or sketch geometry.

There are two options when creating a Mark. You can either etch the text or geometry on the surface you create you text or geometry on or you can mark it all the way through to the surface on the other side.

Next we have an enhancement to the Contour Flange operation. Previously you were only able to extrude the flange in the A or B direction and when extruding the flange both ways it was symmetric. In Inventor 2023 you are now able to create a Contour Flange in both directions Asymmetically.

When outputting DXF’s you can now further control the spline simplification by being able to output it with either linear approximation or arc approximation.

To access these options you need to firstly create the flat pattern and right click on the Flat Pattern option in the history browser. Select the Copy As option in the right click menu and select output as DXF. Select save and the options dialog box will pop up. Navigate to the Geometry tab and you will have the option to select between the two outputs.

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