AutoCAD – Smart Blocks


AutoCAD is a great tool for 2D design and one of the features that really elevate the design process is blocks. Blocks are predefined objects which are your library components. These help to quickly create a design without having to draw up your objects from scratch. An advantage of blocks would be when you have multiple blocks placed in a drawing and one block gets changed, all the instances/copies of that block will be changed as well.

Blocks had an enhancement with AutoCAD 2006 with the addition of dynamic blocks. This allowed you to create blocks that were configurable whether it was to stretch, rotate or even swap out the block for another.

In AutoCAD 2024 blocks have been further enhanced with AI technology. Smart blocks is a new functionality within AutoCAD that assists you with suggestion on where to place a block that already has an instance in the current drawing as well as how to replace a block with suggested similar blocks.

To activate the smart block, make sure that Auto-Placement has been selected when placing blocks from the Blocks palette.

When the block is in close proximity to a previous block that you placed, you will notice a yellow line appears indicating where the blcok will be placed. If you press CTRL AutoCAD will switch to other suggestions and if you Shift +W it will temporarily turn off the smart block suggestions.

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