Autodesk Eagle Retirement


Autodesk Eagle, previously known as CadSoft Eagle is officially being retired as a standalone software. Autodesk has made the decision to stop all sales and support of the standalone product as of 07 June 2026. What does this mean for users of the software?

Autodesk Eagle Retirement

During the last few years Autodesk has slowly introduced elements of Eagle into Fusion 360 to make the software a 1 stop shop when it comes to PCB and enclosure design. With this integration and increased functionality it was more than likely that Autodesk would like to focus and hone their skills and attetion to jut one product and not dilute that focus to give their customers the best product and support that they deserve.

With this in mind all EAGLE Premium subscribers have until June 7th, 2026 to make the switch to a Fusion 360 subscription. EAGLE Standard subscribers will need to make the switch to a Fusion 360 subscription at the time of their next renewal in 2024 and EAGLE Free subscribers should make the switch now.

If you are using a Fusion 360 subscription as well as an Eagle license how do you start utilising the “Eagle” module in Fusion 360? Simple. Select New Electronics Design and you are good to go.

Autodesk Eagle Retirement

If you would like more info you can check out this link from Autodesk announcing the retirement.

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