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When purchasing Autodesk software you are entitled to free support directly from Autodesk. This support is reactionary and for software issues when trying to accomplish a task. This is not training support. This can be acquired from your Autodesk Reseller.

To access the support you can click here.

In the above image you will have 2 options. In this article we will explore the Post-purchase support. This allows you access to Autodesk support for both telephonic and email depending on what support plan you are on.

As per the above image there are 6 options available when looking for support. The one I utilise the most is the Help using my software option.

Here you have the option to select the software that you are trying to get support on as well as type out the issue that you are having.( I normally copy the issue that I have typed out as I have found on some occasions that it gets deleted after clicking on next)

The options I have as a premium plan is being able to schedule a call, create an email case (which takes up to a business day to process) as well as have a live chat with someone if you are lucky. I have used this and it is awesome when trying to get support sorted.

When scheduling a call please also make sure that your phone number is correct as Autodesk will call at a time that you schedule and then sometimes remote onto your PC to ensure the best possible service.

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