Autodesk Vault and Microsoft SQL


Autodesk Vault is a powerful data management software package that is bundled with Autodesk products like Inventor and AutoCAD. Using this data management package, one is able to manage not only your CAD files and the relationship between them but also practically any other file that needs to be involved in your work process such as Office documents and pictures taken on site.

There are 2 aspects that work hand in hand to give you the best experience. One is the file store which are the actual files you work with and the other is the database which manages them. This is done with Microsoft (MS) SQL Server Express or the full MS SQL. One of the advantages of using SQL Express is that there is no cost involved. In fact when one initially installs Autodesk Vault (2024,2023), MS SQL Express 2017 is automatically installed and setup. This is great so why is there a system requirement for the full MS SQL?

Full SQL allows replication. This is when you have 2 or more site locations which need to reference the same data. Another advantage would be to have the ability to have your SQL instance on a separate server. This allows for less strain on your Vault server and I know that in some organisations you have many instances of SQL supporting different software and when it comes to maintenance it is easier if all the SQL instances are on a server that is separate to your other programs.

As the full MS SQL does have a cost involved, it is necessary to plan to what type of installation and environment you would like to have for your Vault install but for the most start starting with SQL Express is perfect and as your data and company grows, you can decide to move up to the Full SQL at a later date.

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