ACC – Enforced File Naming Limitations


As some of you might know I have twice before blogged about the Autodesk Construction Cloud’s ability to enforce a naming standard and some of my frustration with its implementation as well as its limitations.

Autodesk Construction Cloud File Naming Enforcement

Autodesk Construction Cloud – Edit or Add Attributes to the Naming Standard ISO 19650

Recently Autodesk released the 2024 version of Revit and so I decided to create a new project on ACC for 2024. Once again, I decided to try and enforce the ISO 19650 standard. I settled on the modified standard that I had discussed with my friends in the industry where we use 6 characters for the project card as well as for the file number, and then I settled for representing each discipline within the standard with ten placeholder companies. For instance, A01 refers to architectural company 1 and C01 to civilian engineer 1. I then downloaded the template for the naming standard and represented each discipline with 99 placeholder companies. However, when I loaded the template, I received an error. I worked my way back to the source of the error and discovered that one may only have 400 originators/companies.  In fact, when we only have 400 entries in any one of the tables.


Now considering some of the projects that are housed in the cloud might be large infrastructure projects with many different buildings spanning many different designers, contractors, and subcontractors the 400 limits might be rather restrictive.

If you do find yourself in a situation where you need more than 400 originators for documents, then you will have to disable the file naming enforcement. I really look forward to the day that we can edit the naming standard on the fly and that we can have a number larger than 400 representing our originators. Remember to vote for the idea here.

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