BIM Model Level of Definition – Model Output

In the blogs in this series, we look at the structure of the BIM Model Level of
Definition Table

In this blog, we have a look at what the model outputs are. Note that the Model is not just 3D models, but information models, consisting of captured communications, metadata, and scanned documentation that is compiled in digital format.

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During the Brief stage, the procurement strategy must be set out. That includes investigating the supply chain and making sure that the technical skills, hardware, manufacturing, and construction capabilities are in place to hit the targets of the project on time.

The Concept Model output is straightforward, but it should be noted that this is usually the model that most Architects struggle with, as they want to generate it as fast as possible. Some even rely on using Sketchup to generate the model for this reason. I contend that other methods, like Generative Design, Dynamo, and FormIt can be used to good effect resulting in a Revit model that is better suited to development, but that might be a medium to long-term goal for the Architect.

The Definition Model reworks the Concept Model into more detail and the Design Model presents an actual design to be approved.

Micrographics, BIM, Model level of Definition, Pass 1192-2-2013 Capital Delivery

It is during the Build and Commission stage that the work gets to be intense. An enormous amount of information needs to be captured and verified and input into the Information Models. This proceeds through to Handover and Closeout, and finally, Operation. If the correct BIM Execution Plan was followed, and rigorous control was exercised, then the process should be straightforward, and the owner ultimately takes possession of a Digital Twin to manage their built asset.

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