BIM Model Level of Definition – Parametric Information


In the blogs in this series, we look at the structure of the BIM Model Level of Definition Table

In this blog, we have a look at what parametric information should be included to achieve our aims.

Micrographics, BIM, Model level of Definition, Pass 1192-2-2013 Capital Delivery

This is probably the sharp end of the stick as far as model definition is concerned. The Brief is extensive. The project needs, performance benchmarking, performance requirements, and site constraints are all well documented. This forms the basis for the development of the design.

Now we can also see the amount of information the Conceptual Model needs to contain. Having this model nimble and responsive is important as it is subject to frequent change. It is common to have a template just for conceptual model design.

The Definition Model builds on a specific concept and is often the stage where the Engineers start doing their calculations. This is an expensive exercise, and the client should also understand this. Make sure they are happy with the concept, and besides giving feedback as to the cost and quality of the project, they should not introduce conceptual changes. If they do, they might quite reasonably be expected to pay for such changes. The same is true for every stage. That is why there are definite decision points for the client to be involved in during the BIM process, and why they should have an expert looking out for their interests (a BIM Consultant).

In the Design Model, the focus is given to the aim of preparing for the Build and Commission Model (assembly, costing, clash detection, and sequencing).

Micrographics, BIM, Model level of Definition, Pass 1192-2-2013 Capital Delivery
The Handover Model resolves any outstanding missing data or unresolved issues and prepares the Asset Information Model, which is leveraged during Maintenance and also updated over the life of the building.

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