Firstly we need to create a block in a plant project drawing,

If it is not in a plant project, you may encounter issues as I show later on.

Find a piece of equipment or component that you wish to add to the project.

Make it into a block.

02-Edit-the-block-550x297 Adding a component to P&ID

Add Point Parameters to the ends.

03-Add-Points-550x365 Adding a component to P&ID

Select a Point Parameter,

open its Properties.

04-Select-Point-and-open-properties-339x500 Adding a component to P&ID

Locate the Position name.

06-View-Position-name-530x500 Adding a component to P&ID

insert the following:


# Being the number Endpoint.

* Being the angle of the connection from the component  .

Some components do not need both and you can just use AttachmentPoint#

By using the EndCode, you force the angle and direction of the component.

05-Position-nameed-and-updated-550x426 Adding a component to P&ID

Below is the Finished example,

Note that AttachmentPoint2:EndCode90 is incorrect and in this case should be AttachmentPoint2:EndCode180

07-All-Positions-named-550x146 Adding a component to P&ID

When done select Close Block Editor.

08-Close-the-Block-Editor-550x253 Adding a component to P&ID

Now that the Block is Ready,

SAVE the drawing in a place you can locate it.

Navigate to the Project Setup and open it.

09-Open-the-Project-Setup Adding a component to P&ID

Navigate to the sub directory that the component will go into.

Right click on the Class directory name,

Select New.

10-Navigate-and-create-item-550x427 Adding a component to P&ID

Assign the Class Name, this cannot contain spaces, only Letters, Numbers and Underscores.

then add the Display Name, This can contain most characters.

11-Name-component-Note-error-550x427 Adding a component to P&ID

Click OK when done.

12-Rename-550x427 Adding a component to P&ID

Now we add the Block that was created.

Click the Newly created class.

Select the Add Symbols button.

13-Add-block-to-component-550x427 Adding a component to P&ID

The add Symbols dialoge box opens,

Select the Browse Button.

14-Browse-Button-409x500 Adding a component to P&ID

Browse to where you saved the drawing that contains the block.

I highly suggested this be a drawing that is in the project.

Select Open.

15-Browse-to-drawing-containing-the-block-550x433 Adding a component to P&ID

The blocks inside the drawing should display on the left panel,

Find the component,

Select the Add>>> Button.

16-Available-blocks-in-drawing-shown-and-select-409x500 Adding a component to P&ID

The component should move to the right panel and the Preview should display.

Click Next>>.

17-Preview-and-accept-409x500 Adding a component to P&ID

Enter the Symbol Name.

Change the Symbol Scale (This may need tweaking later to suit your )

Select Finish.

18-Add-name-and-scale-458x500 Adding a component to P&ID

If your Preview is Blank like shown,

Something went wrong,

this is normally what happens when the block is saved in a drawing that it is not in the project.

I would recommend going back, saving the drawing to the project and redoing the steps till here.

Once done,

Select Add to Tool Palette…

Then select Apply/OK.

19-Add-to-Palettes-and-accept-550x427 Adding a component to P&ID

The Component should appear on the active tool palette,

If its in the wrong location, drag it to the correct place.

20-See-Tool-Palette Adding a component to P&ID

You should now be able to click on it and place it into your drawing.

If the component looks out of scale,

go back and adjust the scale of the symbol or block item to suit your drawing.

21-Result-550x254 Adding a component to P&ID