Whats New Inventor 2022.2


With the release of Autodesk Inventor 2022.2 we have seen them introduce the ability to reshuffle or reorder sketch blocks. I particularly enjoy this as I never plan how I am going to have my sketch blocks listed. This will help me get some order when I am designing.

The drawing enhancements that were introduced in 2022.2 now allows you to preserve the options that you use when inserting Sketch symbols.

These options include the following settings.

  • Leader, Visible
  • Static
  • Symbol Clipping
  • Scale
  • Rotate

These options are preserved even if you close and reopen Inventor so you do not have to recreate them again and again and again….

Are you tired of having to activate the right mouse menu to delete a sheet. You can now just select the sheet and hit the delete key on the keyboard.

Browsing through the sheets has become a bit more like the sheet browser in AutoCAD electrical with a previous sheet and next sheet command being activated in your right click menu. If yo so wish these commands can also be assigned to short cut keys on your keyboard.

General enhancement s include being able to rename custom schemes in your Application options.

If you work in iLogic quite often, the copying and pasting of the entire rule has become easier to use by being able to copy and paste from the context/right click menu. this will work regardless if you are pasting within the same document or across to another part or assembly that it needs to be a part of.

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