Woodwork for Inventor Assembly Copier


Woodwork for Inventor Assembly Copier

Woodwork for Inventor (W4I) has a great copying tool which is available either within the software or as a standalone package.  It allows you to create an assembly model from which you can copy and rename all the parts.

If you already have W4I  you access the copier from here.

After opening the Assembly Copier you will see the following. 

Starting from the left, the first button is to open the assembly that you would like to copy.

The next tab is where you would like to save the copied parts and assembly.  Clicking on the radio button will allow you to search the network for the folder where you will be saving the copy.  Once selected you can click on the blue tick and it will set the location to where the copied files should be saved.

If you select the Rename / iProperties edit mode box you will rename the parts and assemblies and not make a copy.

The Prefix/suffix tab will assign a prefix or counter to the naming convention for the copy.  Once you have set your values you can click on the big blue tick.

The Replace tab will find a phrase and replace it with another phrase that you have typed in.  Once you are done with your entries you can select the b…c button next to Replace with row to effect the find and replace.

The Tree counter tab allows you to change the root name of the copied file as well as put a counter after the name starting at any number you choose.  Once again clicking on the blue tick makes the change.

Once you are happy with the changes you can click on the Copy button and it will copy and save the files to the location that you have specified.