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Many years ago I heard rumours of development of design software that would incorporate what you needed at the time all through one interface. If you needed to do a mechanical design the appropriate features and commands would be there. You now needed to create a room around the machinery, the walls and doors and windows commands would be available right there as you willed it. You now had need of the electrical wiring in the walls or the machinery, the appropriate commands would ll be there just pooping out of thin air for you to wield and complete a design that incorporates all deign disciplines.

That rumour has now come true..in a way. Fusion 360, even though it only incorporates elements of mechanical design, it allows you to create it all in one space. Gone are the days where your 3D design had to be done in one software package. The mold design in another (most likely very expensive) package. The electrical design done in AutoCAD. Fusion 360 incorporates everything through one interface with you switching workspaces to make available the commands needed to finish your specific task.

These workspaces which are easily accessible through a drop down will change the ribbon to suite whichever task has been put in front of you.

Design Workspace – allows design of solid, surface and sheet metal components

Fusion 360

Generative Design Workspace – allows designs to be created through an AI type process where you input forces and shape s to keep and then specify what manufacturing process you would like to use and then let the power of cloud computing allow you to have a up of coffee while it thinks up crazy new designs and concepts

Fusion 360

Render Workspace – create beautiful depictions for your designs for customer approval

Fusion 360 Micrographics

Animation Workspace – create exploded views and animations of the final design assembly

Micrographics Autodesk

Simulation Workspace – Test to see if your design meets minimum safety standards or will break under certain loads

Autodesk South Africa

Manufacture Workspace – Use the milling and turning tools to create your components from stock material

Fusion 360

Drawing Workspace – Create 2D drawings for manufacturing purposes

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