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Inventor is an amazing product to work on with all its feature rich workflows. One of the advantages that it has is the rich content of components that come standard with Inventor when you purchase. These components are parts that would generally not get designed and manufactured by yourself but rather bought in from a supplier who creates these every day items that are used by most Engineering companies. These items would be items like nuts, bolts, washers etc. When you install Inventor you will have access to over 750,000 standard components which is a big win in my books.

The image above depicts the content center which ships with Inventor. These nuts and bolts etc would be really tedious to design if they are being based from a world standard so if you have access to it why not use it.

The library is divided into standards (as per the below image) which helps you to filter out and find the correct component in a timeous fashion. So depending on where you are in the world you should have the correct component with the correct metadata to be able to populate your bill of materials correctly.

With this in mind if the component is not available in the files that get shipped with Inventor you are able to either copy and edit the files that already exist or create new components from scratch and add it to the content center for easy access either for yourself or your colleagues who could also benefit from it.

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