BIM Model Level of Definition


In the blogs in this series, we look at the structure of the BIM Model Level of
Definition Table

I spent last weekend brushing up on some reading and being the anorak that I am, I spent some time with the familiar Pass 1192-2-2013 Capital Delivery document. This document is a British document that has a lot of useful information and methodology, but sometimes is not so easy to read, as it is published in A4 format, and the information is much better understood in large table format. In the next few blogs, I will highlight some interesting information from a table that deals with the BIM Model Level of Definition based on the stage of the project.  

Micrographics, BIM, Model level of Definition, Pass 1192-2-2013 Capital Delivery

The headers can be seen in the image below. AS the table is quite large, and since many conversations might have to be conducted telephonically, I numbered each item on the table with the Stage Number as the first digit. After that, the heading is indicated by a letter, and then each point is developed within, and subdivided if necessary.  I also took the liberty of shortening some of the entries I copied from the standard for clarity, especially where the meaning is understood. Furthermore, the tables are outlined so that the reader can easily distinguish between stages and purpose.

Micrographics, BIM, Model level of Definition, Pass 1192-2-2013 Capital Delivery

To my mind, each of these points can be further embroidered in separate documents that either hyperlink to the table or use the table number for reference. It should also be noted that while the table contains only the information in the PASS Document, for now, it will be developed in the future as the need arises, and still forms the logical skeleton of how the BIM models should be considered.  

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